Practical information


The cloakroom is located on the right side of the foyer.
The price is 2 euros per piece of clothing.

The cloakroom usually remains open until 1 hour after the show.

Opening of the doors

Information on timings, safety and mobility can be found at the bottom of the event page a few days before the event. The doors usually open one and a half hours before the start of the event. From then on you can have a snack and a drink at the bars.

Access to the venue

  • Always offer your own ticket at the entrance and not someone else's to make scanning go smoothly and avoid waiting times at the door.

  • Do you save your tickets on your phone? Make sure the brightness is set to maximum and there are no cracks in your screen, so your ticket is clearly visible.

  • Do not bring any luggage, (large) handbags or (back)packs and respond correctly to any requests from security.
    Bags may not be larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (A4 format).

  • It is forbidden to enter the venue with bottles, cans, alcohol, sound recorders, film and photo cameras, fireworks and objects that may pose a safety hazard. Entering the venue implies consent to a possible search.

  • Photographing and filming during the event is prohibited, unless otherwise determined by the organizer. Smartphones with a camera are tolerated unless otherwise specified.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue.

  • Pets are not allowed. Blind and visually impaired people may bring a guide dog. Please contact us in advance if this applies to you.

Visiting with toddlers

A lot of children's shows take place in Trixxo Theater Hasselt. If you come to our theatre with small children, please keep the following in mind:

  • Buggies and diaper bags can be left safely in our cloakroom.

  • A changing mat and a nappy container are available in the sanitary area.

  • You can borrow raised cushions for your little ones. These are available while supplies last.

  • Take the noise level at children's shows into account and provide your child with appropriate hearing protection.

  • Each visitor needs a ticket, even children who stay in a child car seat. For fire safety reasons, the theatre has a maximum number of people allowed, regardless of age.

  • If you have any questions about the possibilities of breastfeeding in the theatre or the like, please contact us at +32 3 400 60 60 or

Visiting with young children

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