On foot, by bike or by scooter

On foot

Do you live or work within walking distance? Then the easiest way to reach the Trixxo Theater is on foot.

By bike

The Trixxo Theater has a bicycle parking with room for 48 bicycles.

With a shared bike

Don't have a bike of your own? Then use a shared bike to get to the Trixxo Theater. There are several options:


There are Mobit bicycles on the Trixxo Theater site. You can borrow these bikes here and park them elsewhere or vice versa. You can see where the nearest Mobit bike is in the app (available for download via the App Store or Play Store).


At the Hasselt train station you can borrow a Blue-bike. You must return the bike within 24 hours to the same place you picked it up. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.


Hoppy offers electric bikes that get you to your destination without a drop of sweat. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.

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