Lieven Scheire


From Sat 20.04.2024

An entertaining theater show about A.I., the wondrous new form of software that is already all around us.

In this show, you will be entertainingly introduced to the new superhero of technology. You'll get a glimpse of how it all works, what it can do now and what it will be able to do in the future. A first encounter with something that may soon become your new friend, butler, counselor, psychologist, personal trainer or guardian angel: Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Sat 20.04.2024Trixxo Theater

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  • Sat 09.11.2024Trixxo Theater

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OrganizerCaptain Comedy

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Sat 20.04.2024 19:00

  • Opening venue doors19:00
  • Lieven Scheire20:00
  • Estimated ending time22:00

All timings are subject to change.

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