BG + Symphonia

With BG+ Symphonia, musician and artist Boris Grebenshchikov presents both old and brand new songs from Aquarium, alongside instrumental pieces created especially for this project.

"Sometimes an orchestra can express secrets that electricity cannot reach!"

By the end of 2023, Boris Grebenshchikov will be performing a series of concerts in Europe with a symphony orchestra as part of the BG+ band.

Boris Grebenshchikov, the renowned leader of the band Aquarium, is not only a talented musician, poet, and artist, but also a symbol of creative freedom. He possesses the ability to surpass boundaries and blend diverse cultures into a powerful artistic gesture. Continuously driven by his unyielding desire for experimentation, he never fails to surprise his fans with new forms of performances.

This time, in Vienna, Hasselt, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, and Prague, the BG+ Symphonia program will be presented. It will showcase both old and brand-new songs from Aquarium, alongside instrumental pieces specially crafted for this project, accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

If we reflect on Aquarium's history, dating back to their 1984 album "Day of Silver," we have witnessed symphonic arrangements in select songs. In 2012, the composition "Faun" was recorded in London, featuring the Royal Symphony Orchestra—a remarkable blend of both a song and a suite.

Stay tuned for these magnificent performances where the blending of Boris Grebenshchikov's musical mastery and the enchanting symphony orchestra will undoubtedly create an unforgettable experience.

"...The symphonic theme in Aquarium has never faded away. Sometimes, an orchestra can express secrets that electricity cannot reach. ...I'm curious myself - I want to hear something I don't know." - Boris Grebenshchikov

Joining Boris Grebenshchikov and the symphony Festival Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Normunds Vaiсis, a renowned conductor from Latvia on stage are the musicians of the BG+ band: Konstantin Tumanov (keyboards, accordion), Alexander Titov (bass guitar), Brian Finnegan (flutes), Liam Bradley (drums), Andrey Surotdinov (violin), and Gleb Grebenshikov (percussion).


Meet & greet Upgrade

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet the musicians backstage after the concert, have your photo taken with Boris Grebenshchikov (captured by a professional photographer), and receive an autograph.

All proceeds from the sale of Meet & Greet tickets will be donated to charities supporting children's hospitals in Ukraine.

Attention! The meet & greet ticket is not a concert ticket and cannot be used to access the concert itself. To attend the concert and gain backstage access afterward, both a regular ticket and a meet & greet ticket must be purchased.

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